King Von Murder

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King Von, only 26 years old at the time, was gunned down outside an Atlanta hookah lounge by Timothy Leeks who was associated with Quando Rondo and associated with Rondo’s record label, Columbia Records.

Leeks desired revenge for an incident that transpired in 2014 during which he killed one and injured two others during an altercation.

The Shooting

Chicago rapper Lil Jon, known for creating music that spoke directly to his hometown Englewood’s challenging neighborhoods, was gunned down outside an Atlanta hookah lounge last month at age 26. The suspect who shot him has since been charged with his death.

Rap world mourned the recent passing of King Von, but his estate recently released his second posthumous album Grandson under production from Lil Durk and Empire Distribution.

Police believe Von’s death was due to an altercation between two groups outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta early Friday morning that escalated into gunfire that claimed three lives, including his.

TMZ reports that Timothy Leeks, also known as Lul Tim, was charged with felony murder based on being affiliated with Quando Rondo’s team during an earlier fight. But interestingly enough, he’s still been released on $100,000 conditional bond despite having been charged with such a serious offense.

The Shooter

King Von’s murderer was an unknown male wearing a grey hoodie and blue jeans, who shot both victims from behind, killing them instantly. Additionally, it is suspected that this gunman may have belonged to Black Disciples gang.

Witnesses identified him as King Von’s killer and as an opponent of “O’Block” crew. After being charged, however, this individual was eventually cleared from all accusations against them.

After receiving backlash from King Von’s family and fans, Trap Lore Ross’ controversial documentary that labeled him as the first serial killer of rap has been taken off YouTube due to being misleading and sensationalist. Ross used social media posts, timestamps and lyrics from Von to tie him with murders of suspected gang members; it has since been uploaded back onto Patreon but remains under fire due to similarities made with Jeffrey Dahmer.

The Scene

King Von (Dayvon Bennett), was an emerging star on the Chicago rap scene. A master storyteller, his debut album Welcome to O’Block provided a cinematic account of his neighborhood life as well as trauma that helped shape him into a rapper.

On November 6, 2020, rapper Quando Rondo was shot and killed during a shootout with an associate of Quando Rondo outside Monaco Hookah Lounge in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. This event reportedly occurred as part of an ongoing feud between them both. Timothy Leeks (also known as Lul Tim), believed to be responsible, has been charged with his death.

King Von’s death was tragic; however, his alleged fascination with violence and killing poses serious questions as to whether or not he crossed over into serial killing territory. King was an experienced storyteller with a dark yet humorous approach in his rhymes that could often convey both aggression and empathy in equal measures.

The Final Words

At a time when street beefs often turn deadly, Atlanta rapper king von autopsy was on the cusp of greater success when he was tragically shot last week and has left an impactful mark with friends, family and fans alike. His death has generated widespread grief.

Tragically, his death occurred just one week after the release of his latest album Welcome To O’Block – its title reflecting his desire to return home and inject positivity into Chicago neighborhoods like O’Block.

Tragic events have been compounded by feuding within his entourage. Jameson Francois has taken to social media in defense of himself against allegations made by Asian Doll that “Pull Up” rapper used his final words to blame her for his death – comments which caused outrage, until she eventually deleted them; Jameson Francois is standing firm against these comments and vows not to back down from his position – listen below!

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