Conroe ISD – Home to 65 Schools

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Conroe ISD covers 348 square miles and hosts 65 schools.

District officials recently came under scrutiny following video footage showing one of their employees hitting a student while riding the bus. recently recognized CISD as being among the Top School Districts, Most Diverse School Districts and Best Places to Teach in Texas.

About Us

Conroe ISD SSO covers 348 square miles and serves The Woodlands, Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North and Conroe in Montgomery County, Texas. Established on July 12th 1892 by the Commissioners Court, its first superintendent was County Judge Henry Williams who also acted as superintendent with three trustees elected by voters to assist.

CISD schools implement programs designed to enable every child to reach his or her full potential, such as the Bilingual/EL Program which assists English Language Learners develop proficiency in both languages, and GT/Advanced Academic Program which offers classes beyond normal curriculum for those students demonstrating exceptional leadership, critical thinking and intellectual abilities.

Conroe ISD campuses were honored with Texas Education Agency’s highest accountability rating – Met Standard – with all but one campus receiving 100 on their accountability rating scale. Additional academic performance, student enrollment and staffing information is available by clicking individual campus names.

Conroe ISD is committed to creating an inclusive environment that celebrates and embraces its community’s diversity, including that of its employees. It has received high marks for transparency from Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts as well as being recognized by Niche as a top school district for diversity commitment.

About Our Schools

District 19 boasts one of the highest concentrations of top rated schools in Texas. Mccullough Junior High School and David Elementary School are recognized as two of the District’s premier public schools (based on combined math and reading proficiency testing).

Conroe ISD provides students with a comprehensive academic program, extensive athletic offerings, cutting edge Career and Technical Education curriculum and fine arts classes that meet individual interests and needs of every student. Furthermore, Conroe ISD strives to offer teachers professional development so that they may instruct effectively using student centric learning techniques.

Conroe Independent School District provides 40 elementary, 7 middle, and 5 high schools that serve students residing in Conroe, Montgomery, Shenandoah, Oak Ridge North and Spring. Conroe ISD also operates three special schools. Conroe ISD is overseen by an elected Board of Trustees led by County Judge Ed McHenry; meetings of this Board take place every third Tuesday evening at Deane L. Sadler Administration Building (3205 West Davis in Conroe). Our current Board includes representatives from Conroe, Montgomery town of Shenandoah as well as unincorporated areas in Oak Ridge North and Spring.

About Our District

Conroe ISD offers its students an educational experience that is among the highest ranked in Texas public schools, evidenced by its high math and reading proficiency test score rankings among Texas public schools, and its overall testing rank of 109th out of 1,196 school districts.

Conroe ISD students’ ACT scores far outpace both national and State averages, with an average score of 1556 compared to 1484 nationally and 1393 for Alabama State; furthermore, its graduation rate ranks among Montgomery County’s highest; this achievement brings great pride to Conroe ISD’s staff and to its community it serves.

CISD remains committed to providing each of its students with access to an exceptional education, which is why programs like Bilingual/EL, which assists English Language Learners develop proficiency by being taught both Spanish and English, and GT/Advanced Academic, which offers classes designed to enable these exceptional leaders, critical thinkers and intellectual abilities to reach their full potential, have been established.

Conroe ISD manages 65 public schools that serve 67,761 students. For more information on any specific campus, select it from the list below to display information such as its student enrollment, teacher population, TEA STAAR component scaled scores and TEA STAAR component scores.

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