Feast while you Fast with Gift Cards this Navratri

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The nine divine days of Navratri are around the corner. This year the Chaitra Navratri shall start on April 22, 2023. This auspicious festival celebrates Goddess Durga and all her forms with faith, fervor, and fun. To uphold Navratri’s spirits, many of us keep fast during the nine days of Navratri. 

Navratri fasting doesn’t require one to starve, during these 9 days of fasting people practice eating Satvik food. And as the festival is getting closer the excitement can be felt everywhere across the country. Even restaurants, cafes & top grocery brands are gearing up to make the festival feel flavorsome and awesome!

Cooking Navratri-prescribed Satvik food at home from scratch is fun, but to make it even more exciting and less tiring for all nine days here are 9 GyFTR Gift Cards that can add feasting flavors to your Navratri fasts!

Grab these gift cards at the best deals from GyFTR and savor toothsome Satvik treats throughout the Navratri fasts. 

Read ON & GRAB the Navratri special Gift Cards before they’re GONE! 😉

1. Cafe Coffee Day Gift Card

Fasting is fun, but you need to manage your energy levels throughout the day. Many of us are working and staying out of our comfort zone all day long. While returning from the office who would not like to enjoy a cozy cup of coffee? If you’re not on fast and your partner is fasting during the Navratris, pamper their festive spirits with a Coffee Date at CCD! Sounds great right?

All this is possible with a Cafe Coffee Day Gift Card! 

I grabbed my Gift Card at a FLAT 10% discount and even earned E-Pay points from GyFTR.

I have planned my Navratri Coffee Dates with my mother, we both are working and I would love to enjoy my evening coffee with her at CCD before we get home from our offices. 

2. Cafe Delhi Heights Gift Card

If you’re fasting during the Navratris, then you have to feast on some flavorsome Satvik dishes served at Cafe Delhi Heights. Yes, this cafe celebrates the big Navratri festival with special Upwas Thali. At Cafe Delhi Heights the Navratri Vrat Thali is served with Paneer Pasanda, Jeera Aloo, Sitafal, Cucumber Raita, Green Salad, Kuttu Ki Roti, and Rasgulla. 

I have got 3 Cafe Delhi Heights Gift Cards from GyFTR as I got FLAT 7% OFF on each buy along with 5 E-Pay Points on each Gift Card. Isn’t that great?

I shall be using one Gift Card for me & my family. And the other two I have sent as a Navratri Treat for two of my very special friends who also fast during the Navratris. They got these Gift Cards instantly on their WhatsApp and can redeem the Gift Card at their convenience. 

I really feel happy to share happiness with my friends during these special occasions!

3. Zomato Gift Card

Nobody can deny that people in India wait with bated breath—and stomachs—for the food that is connected with their celebrations. Whether it’s Holi or Diwali, after paying your respects to the Almighty, you should fill your tummy to the brim. The majority of Indian households would prepare sweets and food specifically for the occasion. And when the puja was complete, which felt like an eternity to us as children (and even as adults, c’mon), we weren’t permitted to get close to the sweets. It’s time to celebrate and feast once more during Navratri.

So, I grabbed 2 Zomato Gift Cards from GyFTR to enjoy the flavors of Navratri with my family.

With Zomato Gift Card I have access to so many restaurants & cafes all at once. There are many restaurants listed on Zomato that serve 100% Satvik Navratri Thalis, Fruit Chaats, Shakes, and more with which one can enjoy the taste of Satvikness during these nine days. 

4. Swiggy Money Voucher

You can relish Navratri Vrat dishes, with Swiggy Money Vouchers. Get your Flahaar & Vrat Ka Nashta sorted with GyFTR’s Swiggy Money Voucher. Order Navratri special falahaari poories, sabudana khichdi, sabudana dahi vada, paneer kofta, aloo chaat, paneer pakoda, dessert & more from your favorite outlet and get it delivered to your doorstep.

You can save 3% on your orders with Swiggy Money Voucher!

5. Vaango Gift Card

If you’re someone who isn’t fasting but prefers to stay purely vegetarian throughout the Navratris, then Vaango can take care of your cravings!

Well, I assume you are aware of this restaurant chain that serves authentic South Indian Cuisine. So, if you crave some authentic South Indian dishes come here and explore the ‘No Onion – No Garlic’ range of dishes that include Masala Dosa, Tamarind Rice, Rava Idli, and more. 

As my Baba doesn’t fast during Navratris, I got one Vaango Gift Card so that he can treat himself to his favorite dishes from the ‘No Onion – No Garlic’ range of dishes being served at Vaango while we feast on Navratri prescribed dishes!

6. Baskin Robbins Gift Card

We Indians love sweets. Be it Kulfis or Icecreams it’s always welcomed with a yes!

To celebrate Navratri and its spirits with utter sweetness and purity I grabbed a few Baskin Robins Gift Cards. My family loves to savor desserts, so I made sure we have ice cream all nine days. Vrat special vanilla ice cream can be a great thing to enjoy for all those who are fasting!

I personally add fresh fruits and dry fruits to give it a magical twist!

GyFTR is offering Baskin Robbins Gift Cards at a 7% discount. Isn’t that a good reason to enjoy the festive flavors at the max?

7. Big Basket Gift Card

I have stocked up fresh fruits and other Vrat items for Navratri with Big Basket Gift Card. I got this from GyFTR at a discounted price. Big Basket offers everything that you need to make your Navratri Vrat special. I could buy everything from Kuttu Ka Atta to Vrat Mixtures for the nine days of the fast. 

8. Costa Coffee Gift Card

My friend is fond of Costa Coffee, she is fasting for the first time this Navratri. I really wanted to make her feel special. And so, I got her covered up for all 9 days with Costa Coffee Gift Cards. At GyFTR I availed of some discount as well. I could instantly share the e-gift cards with her and she can try out her favorite Navratri-friendly coffee, frappes, cappuccino & mochas during her fasts!

9. Auric Gift Card

We all love purity when it comes to products like Ghee. Especially my mother, who loves to cook the Bhog Prasad on the Navratris with Desi Ghee. I wanted to order pure cow ghee and for that, I got an Auric Gift Card from GyFTR on which I got FLAT 35% OFF. 

I not only saved my bucks but also got the taste of purity with Auric Desi Ghee.

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