Trails Carolina Review – An Overview of the Teen Wilderness Therapy Program

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As allegations against Trails Carolina grew, it became clear that its operation required further scrutiny. Regulators bodies and investigative journalists conducted audits on its protocols as well as interviewed former participants of Trails Carolina programs.

Though horror stories do exist, many families have experienced positive transformation at Trails Carolina. Therefore, prospective students should do their research thoroughly when considering attending Trails Carolina.

Experienced Staff

Trails Carolina Horror Stories boasts over 100 employees with decades of combined experience working for them and can offer families an effective wilderness therapy program.

Trails Carolina staff is extremely passionate about helping students regain control of their lives through nature therapy. They understand its therapeutic power on children, believing it to be one of the most effective means of dealing with behavioral issues.

However, recent complaints from whistleblowers have exposed allegations against staff at Trails Carolina of mistreating participants – such as verbal abuse, threatening behavior and restraining techniques. This has caused public perception to change significantly for this facility and an official investigation is being undertaken; as well as significant policy and procedural changes being implemented that aim to ensure participant safety while preventing future misconduct.

Personalized Care

Trails Carolina takes an individualized approach to its student treatment in order to deliver optimal care, beginning with a comprehensive evaluation that determines each student’s unique needs. Following that assessment, they are placed into single-gender groups of peers matching their age and developmental level as well as receiving support from a full-time certified teacher during any academic struggles they might be having.

The program offers a safe and therapeutic environment designed to assist students in finding sobriety. They work closely with therapists or counselors in addressing any problems and creating an aftercare plan, while going through detox can also be challenging.

Trails Carolina wilderness therapy program is an innovative solution to helping children and teens overcome emotional challenges. By combining education, therapy and the outdoors to assist participants with recovering from their issues and building stronger futures for themselves; while also teaching life skills that improve relationships among family and friends while teaching how to better control emotions and mental wellbeing.

Safety First

Trails Carolina takes great pride in prioritizing safety when providing services. Their masters-level therapists and trained wilderness instructors work tirelessly to ensure students’ wellbeing during the program, as well as offering intentional family involvement services after they complete it.

Unfortunately, allegations of mistreatment and abuse at Trails Carolina have been raised in the past, prompting investigations to highlight a need for improved staff training and oversight in order to guarantee the safety of teens enrolled in its programs.

Trails Carolina team strongly believes in the power of its programs to transform lives, especially that of children and their families. Their programs aim to assist children in overcoming difficult circumstances while building a solid foundation for recovery – which is why they strive to continuously enhance them through transparency and commitment to continuous improvement.


Over the past several months, numerous disturbing allegations from former participants and their families about Trails Carolina have surfaced, alleging emotional abuse, neglect, physical mistreatment and an absence of transparency within the troubled teen industry as a whole.

Ex-staff members at Trails Carolina have also spoken out against its practices. According to them, unregulated practices such as physical restraint and isolation rooms as a form of discipline for its students is used without proper medical assistance being provided when needed.

These claims are concerning, and must be thoroughly researched. Families should make every effort to seek programs which prioritize transparency and accountability as well as strong communication between participants, parents, and mental health services – ideally providing programs with strong connections with participants’ parents as well as prioritizing mental wellbeing of participants – giving families peace of mind that their children are receiving optimal care. This way they can have confidence that their children are receiving appropriate therapy.

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