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DD Osama, an American rapper known for his drill rap style, has gained immense renown within a short amount of time in the drill rap scene. With millions of followers across YouTube and Spotify and thousands of views for each of his music videos on these platforms.

He was born November 29th 2006, in New York City to Crimsley Martinez who worked as a real estate agent before she had him.

DD Osama’s Musical Career

DD Osama, an emerging melodic drill rapper who has earned recognition within the music industry, boasts millions of devoted followers on both YouTube and Spotify as well as being an exceptional dancer.

Harlem-born musician DD Osama uses music to spread positivity and give back to the community. His most celebrated hits are 40s N 9s and Upnow featuring fellow rap artist Coi Leray.

Harlem-born artist Notti Osama’s most emotive piece is Letter 2 Notti, an emotional tribute song for his late brother Notti Osama who died after fighting off 15-year-old rival at Manhattan subway station. In it he recounts Notti’s tragic demise due to an incident at that station.

DD Osama age draws his musical influence from various artists like Durk, Polo G and Spanish music. He blends these influences with his own distinctive style to craft an original sound; listeners will be left speechless when listening to him perform! DD Osama’s dedication to his craft can be seen throughout each one of his songs.

DD Osama’s Songs

David DeShaun Reyes, more popularly known as DD Osama in New York’s drill scene. Over the past year, DD Osama has garnered widespread acclaim with viral singles and collaborations with Coi Leray and Rylo Rodriguez; additionally he’s experienced tremendous tragedy following Notti Osama’s murder.

Despite these hurdles, he’s made it to the top of his genre and become an established major label star with great potential; his debut album Here 2 Stay is evidence of this.

The project seeks to add variety and substance to his discography through ambitious genre crossovers, high-profile collaborations and club rap floor fillers. Unfortunately, however, the album feels rushed and disjointed; its lead single “Upnow” with its stuttering Autotune feels out of place next to Coi Leray’s playful hook; similarly “Throw”, with a beat that sounds more like something produced by ATL Jacob than something by DD Osama.

DD Osama’s Personal Life

DD Osama became one of the most acclaimed rappers and singers of his era at an early age, becoming an immensely successful rap/singer / rapper/singer despite attending school locally in his home city of San Bernardino, CA. From early on in his life he showed an immense passion for music & rap which eventually turned into his profession after attending local high schools nearby and completing studies there; soon thereafter he gained prominence within music as an artform quickly enough.

Originaly known as David Reyes, he made waves in the New York City drill scene through his fiery, malicious bars which attracted thousands of YouTube and Spotify listeners. Since then he has released many singles such as 40s n 9s (featuring Lil Mabu), Throw (with Lil Mabu), Dead Opps Upnow etc.

DD Osama’s rap style is heavily influenced by drill rap, an underground form of hip-hop from Chicago. He belongs to Notti World – an up and coming group from Harlem consisting of young artists – and has worked alongside Coi Leray, 2rare, Sugarhill Ddot and HoodStarDotty among many others.

DD Osama’s Future Plans

DD Osama, 16, continues to make waves in hip-hop despite tragedy and controversy, particularly with drill scene fans. His music often addresses personal struggles as well as wider social concerns.

Harlem-born rapper DD Osama is one of the most successful New York rappers not named Ice Spice or Sheff G, yet at just 16 is making waves in New York music scene. Even through difficulties that have arisen within his career path, Osama refuses to be deterred and remains focused.

Osama has released many singles and collaborative projects over time, some reaching the charts. “40s N 9s”, featuring Sugarhill Ddot and “Letter 2 Notti”, demonstrate his devotion to helping his community.

DD Osama’s music is not only powerful and meaningful; it has also proven incredibly popular. From his collaboration with Coi Leray to performing solo sets, his young rapper stands to have an exciting future ahead of them.

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