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Veibae is an influential British YouTuber with a massive fan base. To protect her identity during streams and social media posts, she uses an avatar during livestreams.

On 12 October 2019, Veibae shared an image on Twitter showing what many fans believed was her real face, although she never confirmed or denied this speculation.

About Veibae

Veibae, known for her use of an avatar to hide her real face on both platforms, has amassed an enormous following across both networks – becoming one of the world’s most celebrated VTubers in doing so.

Veibae face reveal has made herself approachable by being open about her mental health issues (including Fibromyalgia ) and continues to create engaging content for her followers.

Veibae may never show her face publicly, but she has posted photos of herself to Twitter to promote her products. While these posts were meant to advertise them instead, many followers believe these may show glimpses of Veibae’s real face – creating quite the stir among her followers who await more details regarding her personal life. Veibae has been immensely successful in her endeavors, making her one of the most beloved VTubers today with entertaining videos and captivating personality that have won fans worldwide.

Twitch Streamer

Veibae is a British vlogger, streamer, and social media influencer who has made her mark in virtual content creation industry. Though her real identity and face remain hidden to the public eye, Veibae enjoys a sizable fan base across YouTube and Twitch platforms.

Her popularity as a vlogger and streamer exploded when she began using virtual reality software to produce videos and live streams. Her unique gameplay has captured the hearts and imaginations of many around the globe.

Veibae debuted her Twitch channel in July 2015 and began broadcasting PUBG and Black Desert Online without showing her face, earning the attention of Japanese YouTuber Shinji who gave her an official shout-out promoting her as an icon within the community. Aspiring voice actor Veibae currently signed with talent agency VShojo; one day she hopes to narrate her own videos!


Veibae was able to gain a large following on YouTube due to her engaging personality and captivating content, with her monetized videos helping her amass an estimated net worth of USD 500k.

Veibae has emerged as one of the world’s most-watched virtual streamers; yet she continues to face issues over her real identity. She was accused of falsifying her voice; in response, Veibae has voiced her displeasure at such accusations, noting how uncomfortable people seem when questioning it.

She has also been accused of not being female; this accusation stems from the tweet she published on October 12, 2019 to promote her future ventures showing an image of a girl that many fans believed depicted her face; however, she never confirmed or denied this assumption.

Personal Life

Veibae shares intimate moments with her audience, often discussing health-related challenges she is dealing with such as her diagnosis of fibromyalgia which causes widespread pain in her body. Yet despite these obstacles, Veibae remains committed to her channel and creates content for its fans.

She also enjoys an amicable relationship with Chance “Sodapoppin”, another VTuber and fellow YouTuber, whom she frequently sees together on Parasocial and Discord as well as filming collaborative videos together.

Veibae remains anonymous to the general public, yet she has an endearing personality with both shyness and sweetness; yet an intense temper. Veibae exemplifies what Tsunderes do: hide their sweet side by being mean towards people around her. Veibae has developed into an outstanding Vlogger/Streamer who has garnered an impressive following through YouTube channels and Twitch streams as well as making significant income through these platforms; her popularity has skyrocketed since joining forces with fellow VTubers or participating in online events with fellow Vloggers or streamers collaborating or participating alongside other VTubers.

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